Remembering Us (2019)

Remembering Us (2019)

The story of a man on the verge of losing everything after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Is his diminished-condition the "new normal?" And can his marriage survive?

This autobiographical story will be told from the perspective of the patient and from his caregiver wife. IMDb

Written and directed by Lori Kay Allred and Scott Takeda

Status: Post production - EPK

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Secrets (2020)

Secrets (2020)

Our first feature film, targeted for holiday network programming. A young woman struggles to hold things together during the holidays after coping with a loss. In a heart-tugging family drama, she reaches out to long-lost loved ones, uncovers a family mystery, and even becomes a match-maker, just in time for Christmas.

Written by Lori Kay Allred.

Status: Script completed. Currently pitching in LA.

Winner - Third Place - Best Feature Screenplay (Hamilton Film Festival - 2018)

Nominations - Best Feature Screenplay (The Golden Script Competition - 2018); Top 100 (Emerging Screenwriters ISA -2018); Best Screenplay (Hamilton Film Festival - 2018); Best Feature Screenplay (Austin Revolution Film Festival - 2017); Best Screenplay (Milledgeville Film Festival - 2017)

Official Selection - The Golden Script Competition (2018), Emerging Screenwriters ISA (2018), Sacramento International Film Festival (2018), Hamilton Film Festival (2018), Copper Mountain Film Festival (2018), Omaha Film Festival (2018), Twisted Alley Film Festival (2018), Cindependent Film Festival (2018), Austin Revolution Film Festival (2017), Milledgeville Film Festival (2017), Festigious International Film Festival (2017)

Conversations At 35,000 Feet (2020)

Conversations At 35,000 Feet (2020)

It’s Brooklyn’s first day on the job as a flight attendant. In the time it takes to fly from Chicago to Denver, she sees how the cabin becomes a "conversation safe-zone" where total strangers feel comfortable sharing stories. While walking the aisles, she overhears snippets and discovers we're all more alike than different.

This is a series pilot.

Written by Lori Kay Allred

Status: Script completed

Nominations - Best Screenplay (Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival - 2018), Randall Greenland Screenwriter of the Year Nominee (Austin Revolution Film Festival - 2018), Best Screenplay (Austin Revolution Film Festival - 2018)

Official selection - Georgia Shorts Film Festival (2018), Austin Revolution Film Festival (2018), Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival (2018), Copper Mountain Film Festival (2018), Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival (2018), Twisted Alley Film Festival (2018), The Golden Script Competition Quarter-Finalist (2018), Back In The Box Competition (2017), Oxford Film Festival (2017),

Untitled Rocky Ford Project (2021)

Untitled Rocky Ford Project (2021)

A magazine photojournalist visits a rural town carrying a tattered photo and his grandmother's Japanese prayer beads. During his search, he learns she was once held captive at a nearby internment camp during World War II. Will he risk losing what he now holds dear so he can uncover the mysteries of his past? 

This is a dramatic short with a feature option.

Written by Scott Takeda.

Status: Research and script. Location secured.