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Latest BS Filmworks Comedy Shorts in Festivals

The latest BS Filmworks short films is are the middle of their festival run and getting good results. Both "The Rapture" and "Last Call" screened at the 2012 Film Festival of Colorado as official entries.

"I was really happy with the audience reactions," said producer Brock Sherman. "The audiences were packed, and the crowds were very enthusiastic and got the dark comedy moments."

"Our screenwriter was smart to craft a stories with the audience in mind," said director Scott Takeda. "The Rapture was topical with all of the recent news stories about prophets predicting the end of the world. And 'Last Call' was our tip-of-the-hat to the long-term unemployed affected by our current economic crisis."

Earlier this spring, "The Rapture" also screened at the Taos Shortz Film Festival - one of the top shorts festivals in the nation.

"I was very excited about this," said Takeda. "Our executive producer Rachel Hroncich was able to pull some strings to get our film in front of the programmers, and they liked our irreverent style."