Festivals, awards, and production updates

BS Filmworks Steps Up For Another Short Film

This month, BS Filmworks begins pre-production on a short film for Denver’s 48 Hour Film Project. We will write, shoot, and edit a film in 48 hours as a part of this international script-to-screen competition.

“I’m super excited,” said co-executive producer Scott Takeda. “My filmmaking partner Brock Sherman will be directing this one, so I’ll get to be a lead actor. I’ll also be focusing on casting and locations.”

Recent national-Emmy winner Lori Kay Allred is our producer, joining long-time collaborator writer Rob Palmer. The competition kicks off August 2nd when teams throughout Denver will be given a required object, line-of-dialogue, and a character to include in the film. Teams will also draw a genre out of a hat.

In previous years, we have been nominated for Best Film three times and won Best Special Effects (2010 – Albuquerque), Best Actor and Special Effects (2011 – Albuquerque), and Audience Favorite and Best Use of Line (Denver – 2011).

6/15/13 UPDATE  Audrey Walters (ABC’s ‘Killer Women’) has signed on to be a lead actor in our film. We are super excited to have Audrey as part of our cast. She recently shot a supporting role with Wes Bentley and Vinessa Shaw in Things People Do.

6/19/13 UPDATE – Joe Bocian (‘Roswell FM’) has also signed to be a lead actor in our film. Joe brings great comedic intensity to his roles and is a long-time collaborator with this creative team having co-starred in our 2011 short film The Rapture. We’ve also come to agreement with cinematographer Dave Klein to shoot our film.

7/10/13 UPDATE  Sydney Ackman (‘College Pranks’) joins the cast as a supporting actor. Producers are excited that she brings a sarcastic Millennial energy to the cast. 

7/16/13 UPDATE – Producers are thrilled that Bob King has agreed to AD our film. Bob is a member of the DGA and one of the most experienced assistant directors in our region.

7/19/13 UPDATE – Nick Ian Holmes (‘College Pranks’) joins the cast as a supporting actor. He brings antic comic timing with a dark edge. 

7/29/13 UPDATE  Actor Catherine McGuire (‘Those Who Can’t) rounds out our cast as a supporting actor. She brings a tough-minded authority to her roles. Catherine recently filmed an Amazon Studios pilot for the Nix Brothers called Those Who Can’t’ starring Nikki Glaser and the Growlix comedy trio.