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BS Filmworks Takes Top Drama Prize at Milledgeville

Judges at the Milledgeville Film Festival named "If Not Now" Best Drama Film in their 2016 campaign. The judges also named Lori Kay Allred as a nominee for "Best Director."

"Obviously we're thrilled," said producer Scott Takeda. "First, the selection of films was very good at this festival. Kudos to the programmers. So I'm very honored that our film was considered best of all the dramatic films. And second, I couldn't be more happy for our director Lori Kay Allred. This was her very first film as a director, and she did a great job. And I'm so glad that the judges saw her talent.

2016 was the fourth year for the Milledgeville Film Festival – a Top-100 reviewed festival on Film Freeway.  Held in a small college town just east of Atlanta, it regularly attracts some of the industry's best filmmaking talent. This year's speakers included Oscar-nominated producer Rachel Winter (Dallas Buyers Club), television screenwriter Jesse Zwick (Parenthood), Disney's Director of Production David Hartle, and showrunner John Heinsen.