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"If Not Now" lands distribution through Shorts.TV

This week, BS Filmworks inked an agreement with Shorts.TV to get US television distribution for the short film “If Not Now” – a story about a family dealing with an aging parent and dementia. The film begins its three-year run on Shorts.TV starting Saturday July 23rd.

“We really responded to ‘If Not Now,’” said Efren Rodriguez of Shorts.TV. “It’s a beautiful, character-driven story that is very well done. We’re also excited that the director Lori Kay Allred is female. Hollywood needs diverse voices, and we like that she took a personal story and brought it to life on camera. We can't wait to see what stories Lori and her team can tell in the future.”

Shorts.TV is home to the world’s highest quality short films. Headquartered in London with its US office in Los Angeles, Shorts.TV has produced the OSCAR Nominated Short Film theatrical release since 2006 and distributes other exceptional short films to 54 countries through various platforms including cable, satellite and iTunes. In Colorado, viewers can see Shorts.TV on DirecTV, AT&T, and CenturyLink.