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BS Filmworks' "The Outsider" Begins Its Festival Run

Whew! BS Filmworks just completed its latest short film "The Outsider" and is starting to focus on a festival run. The dramedy short is directed by Scott Takeda. It's an autobiographical story about his girlfriend (now wife), as she struggles entering his family.

"The film shows a woman who happens to be in a mixed-race relationship," said Takeda. She is excited for a "meet-the-family" moment that happens during a traditional Japanese ceremony called Mochitsuki, the making of the rice cake called mochi. When she feels excluded, is she really an outsider? Or does that happen in every relationship? I explore those questions as well as our universal need to belong."

The film stars working LA actors who are recurring on network TV shows. Kate Cook (Nickelodeon's 'Henry Danger') is the lead. She is supported by Kristen DeVore Rakes (FX's 'American Horror Story'), Takeda (NBC's "Days of Our Lives') and Mike Ostroski (Netflix' 'Fuller House'). 

"We believe our film will connect with audiences," said BS Filmworks producer Brock Sherman. "It's a poignant, personal story that blends drama, comedy, and the confusion that comes when mixing two cultures. We're actively looking to partner with a festival to premiere it. When we find one, we'll fly out our LA publicist and cast to help out with pre-festival news articles. We think the film's topic, along with our PR push will help attract a crowd."